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    • The Continental Gt V8 S: Stronger

      by Linita E. Mathew

      What! The latest Bentley costs $300,000? Wait, before you jump right into your excuses, I want you to close your eyes. Imagine yourself, finely dressed (of course), approaching the latest Continental GT V8 S. Being the original person that you are, yours is an electrifying Kingfisher blue; the shade designed specifically for drivers of your […]

    • Highland Executive Chauffeur … At Your Service!


      As human beings, we are able to recognize that as a need deepens and cannot be met, flames of passion ignite to attempt to fill this void for ourselves and others. A skill, an asset, or in this case, a service becomes valuable when we realize the full potential it carries in making our days […]

    • 100 Years of Excellence

      by Sean Mallany

      Luxury And Heritage In The Rolls Royce Alpine Centenary Collection Driving is serious business, especially for oil and gas professionals. When you are part of a global and ever-changing industry, having a car is necessary for transportation and comfort. Rolls Royce Motor Cars prove that driving doesn’t have to be a chore or an uncomfortable experience—but […]

    • Essential Luxury – When Leather and Innovation Collide

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Considering the global increase in luxury car sales, critical analysis of  the term “luxury” bears new scrutiny. There’s a blurry stratum lying delicately between the binaries of luxury and life’s essentials. Ponder momentarily the inhabitants of northerly climates, who endure the blinding cold winters; does  their choice of seal- or bear-skin coats launch them to the top of Greenpeace’s remonstration list? […]

    • Fun in the Fast Lane

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      “My mother was horrified when i purchased a cool orange 1970 Honda cl175 [after] I’d spent the summer working with Ontario Forestry,” recalled Chris Hopkins, Founder, CEO, and Director of Canshale, describing how he began his lifelong love affair with bikes. It was a pretty little bike. There were other bikes that kind of went in and […]

    • Sexy Sustainability

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Hot cars: emerging energy solutions. The sight of her stirred me in a bizarre new way. Could this be the start of an affair? All eyes were on her. She was stunning, elegant. Silently she beckoned. Irresistibly, I drew nearer. All my prior judgments were quickly melting away. I leaned over to ask another guy in […]

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